Why Spirituality enhances your Business

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4 min readSep 20, 2020

Energy flows where intention goes

Spirituality and business are not two separate things. They are the yin and yang of your life. Business brings you money, spirituality fulfills you. In the best case, both are mixed together and you don´t need to compartmentalize your life. If you compartmentalize, you lose energy in your business and run to spirituality (or personal development or holidays) to regain your energy. Balance is maintaining energy in both areas of your life, which equally enhances the rest of your life (aka your relationships).

Spirituality is not here to blend out the outer world when everything seems to be collapsing, it is a reminder to connect to something higher to walk through life aligned. Alignment is living in balance, connecting your purpose with your passion, your passion with your actions, and your actions with your business.

You can make money with anything. You can get good at anything. You can learn strategies, copy other people´s behavior, and live a lifestyle that looks and sounds good. Yet, is that what fulfillment is for you, really?

If it´s not Fulfillment, it´s not worth it

I`ve seen people at the top of the world, yet miserable. I´ve seen people with all the external achievements, but stress levels as high as the Eiffel Tower. I´ve seen people working 60 hours a week to be financially free someday, yet sacrificing their personal life on the way, and their hard-earned money in regular retreats to compensate for the stress. That´s not fulfillment, and it´s definitely not happiness.

Fulfillment happens in the in-between. Fulfillment is that, which fills your heart that you almost forget to ask for money. Fulfillment is when you are fully present, being, yet doing.

Fulfillment is when your mind is empty because what you do does not occupy more space in her head than in those moments when you do it.

You feel at peace because your Soul is involved in it. When your Soul receives what it needs the most — to express itself — you are whole. And when you are whole, there is nothing missing. And when there is nothing missing, you are free.

Of course, you want to earn money with it. Of course, you want to have a business that is stable and serves your lifestyle. But you better make sure you are in a business that serves your lifestyle and not an external idea of what lifestyle is.

What do you fear the most?

You came here for a reason. You have something unique to share. And you also have a deep desire to do something specific, that´s almost too scary to admit to anyone, right? It´s your dirty little secret. Except it´s not dirty.

Oftentimes this desire lies hidden behind a lot of fear. To not be good enough. To be too much. To not be able to be successful.

The fear of following your passion comes dismantled in various forms, such as denial, boredom, or being busy with one million other things.

The biggest personal growth does not happen in a personal development seminar, or from reading books, but in following your passion! Every inner resistance you have will show up externally and you will have to stretch your mind, again and again, to let go of the comfort zone and step into unknown territory.

Leaving the Comfort Zone

The biggest fear your mind has is leaving the comfort zone. You often think it has to be difficult to have what you want. You have to work hard. You need to earn it through sacrifice. So you push your main desire really far into the future — “One day I will…”. Which are all dirty little excuses, right? Your dirty secret is not dirty. Just the excuses that cover it up with dirt are.

Why? Because following your passion means getting your hands dirty and doing what needs to be done — taking the first step, figuring things out on the go.

The real reason is, you don´t want to leave the comfort zone. It would mean you need to stop doing nonsense and start doing sense. Which means you need to learn, grow, and think outside the box. You need to find your own way and walk through the unknown. And it´s the fear of being alone, ridiculed, and exposed all at once that´s holding you back.

But is this fear worth it to hold back, limit yourself and not even give it a try?

Magic happens when you take the First Step

Nothing is more rewarding than taking a leap of faith and stepping into the unknown. Miracles come to those who dance with uncertainty.

Like putting out your music and a well-known producer leaves you a comment, that feeling! Or starting a shop and the first clients buy your products, that feeling! Or publishing a book and getting listed as a bestseller, that feeling! Teaching people and being rewarded with their love and appreciation for how you changed their life, that feeling!

Serendipity appears when you actively start to shape your life your way. Serendipity comes to those who take the first step. She`s not always obvious, but she is there. Hiding behind the next corner, waiting for you to leave the comfort zone and finally say Yes to Yourself!

Affirming: I want this! And I can have it all!

So, do you?


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